New Study Finds Contextual Targeting Delivers Great ROAS

In the wake of constantly evolving privacy laws, and the inevitable decline of the cookie, GumGum's AI-powered ad solutions are charting the way forward for the marketing industry. GumGum, using computer vision and natural language processing, has developed nuanced contextual targeting capabilities that make it possible to decipher the content of a publisher's page so ads can be targeted to users based on the content they are interested in. To examine the tangible value of GumGum's contextual targeting, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) on the financial impact of GumGum's advertising strategies on a particular food and beverages brand.

Contextual Advertising
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What's Inside

Over the period of the GumGum campaign, customers spent an additional $331,200 on the advertised product, which resulted in a risk and value adjusted ROAS (return on ad spend) of $2.79 and generated a 3.40% sales lift!

GumGum worked on an 11-week seasonal advertising campaign with the media agency representing the food and beverage brand - all benefits, costs and risks were verified by Forrester Consulting.

GumGum needed to do less to reach more! With its laser-like targeting and proprietary contextual analysis technology, the GumGum campaign had to reach a significantly smaller pool of consumers to generate the same number of high-value views as other campaigns.

White-glove service for the win! GumGum's commitment to superior customer service was one of the key takeaways from the campaign, resulting in a seamless process and easily adaptable ad solutions that matched brand needs.

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